Episode 22

Elixir Roundtable #22: Making the Switch to Elixir with Amplified's Chris Grainger


December 8th, 2023

51 mins 7 secs

Season 2

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In this conversation, Chris Grainger, CTO of Amplified, discusses how he decided to adopt Elixir at Amplified and the benefits he's seen from it. The conversation covers topics such as functional programming, the benefits of Elixir and LiveView, the integration of Nx and ONNX, and transitioning to a mono-language company. Chris discusses the benefits he's seen first hand after shifting from Python to Elixir, including cutting Amplified's AWS bill in half, achieving the same amount of work with a development team of just two, and more.

Chris also provides insights and advice for companies considering Elixir and highlights areas for improvement in the Elixir and Nx ecosystems. In this conversation, Chris and Brian discuss some of the most recent advancements in machine learning for Elixir, including Scholar and Bumblebee, which allows for the utilization of models in Hugging Face. The conversation concludes with a discussion about joining the EEF Slack and the welcoming and helpful nature of the Elixir community.

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