Episode 23

Elixir Roundtable #23: What's Next in Tech with Tech Entrepreneur Foy Savas


January 23rd, 2024

1 hr 4 mins 24 secs

Season 3

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In this conversation, Brian Cardarella interviews Foy Savas about his career trajectory and experiences in the tech industry. They discuss the opportunities and challenges in the tech world, the changes in what it takes to launch a successful digital product, and the importance of product market fit and pivots. They also explore future plans and technology trends, including the potential impact of AI. The conversation highlights the significance of tech decisions for startups and the need to adapt to changing market dynamics. The conversation covers various topics related to technology, growth, and future programming languages. They discuss the significance of enabling growth in the enterprise space and how it impacts the valuation of a company. The conversation also touches on the journey with Elixir and its potential as a future programming language. The pace of technology advancement and the awareness of its potential are highlighted, along with the power of distribution in the tech industry.

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